CSS Tutorial Series

CSS tutorial : Introduction to css

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Cascading Style Sheets often referred as css is a design language which is used to style HTML pages. CSS is responsible for how HTML pages are going to look. CSS can control multi page layouts easily which is one of the biggest advantage of using it.Using CSS we can control :

  • Size of content
  • Color of content
  • spacing between content
  • Background color
  • Background Images
  • Font Families used
  • overall layout,etc


HTML was built just to add the content and not at all to provide any kind of styling to the text. When styling was introduced in HTML it became a headache for HTML programmers. Programmers used to style each element on each page but the process is very time consuming and expensive for websites which contains many pages. So, in order to solve this problem , CSS is introduced.


This tutorial will teach you CSS in easy to understand manner so that everyone (beginners to professionals) can learn CSS easily.Examples are provided in each chapter which are tested and can be directly used by readers.


This tutorial is designed for absolute beginners who need to learn CSS from the scratch. While moving towards the end of the series this tutorial can also help skilled professionals for brushing up their CSS skills.


In order to understand the concepts properly, the programmer must have some basic understanding of HTML and some basic Text Editor.