Code. Breathe.

When you want to learn blockchain as bad as you wanna breath, then you'll be successful.


Diffie Hellman Key Exchange

Ether Denominations

Learn about pennies , cents and paisa of ether.


What are hashes and which ones are used commonly?

Ethereum Network

A brief introduction to the super blockchain computer.

Elliptic Curves

Introduction and basics of Elliptic curves.

Hello World

Hello World program using Solidity.

Installing Geth

Install ethereum client on ubuntu 16.

Ethereum Blockchain Setup

how to start a private ethereum blockchain network

Geth commands cheatsheet

learn about basic geth commands with examples

1. Tell me about blockchain the way you'll tell to a 6 year old.
Ans: Think of blockchain as a notebook which keeps record of how many candies you got and from whom . What makes it interesting is that data once written to the blockchain can not be tempered with or erased. read more
2. What is Ethereum.
Ans: Ethereum is a network which runs on blockchain technology. It consists of hundrers of nodes connected throughout the world making it act like a super computer. read more